Online Booking

All new clients are REQUIRED to pay a $25 non-refundable deposit. There is a 2 hour window for the deposit to be sent in, or your appointment will be cancelled. Deposits can be sent via e-transfer to

Prior to booking your appointment, read the full policy here.
To book add-ons, leave a comment in the message box which one you would like and time will be adjusted accordingly.


Collagen Eye Treatment

5 min | $5.00

Moisturizes and regenerates under eye area, relieving signs of fatigue. These collagen eye pads diminish formation of fine…

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High Frequency

10 min | $10.00

Machine that cleans bacteria in the pores, also very beneficial for treating stubborn acne, shrinking appearance in enlarged…

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LED Light Therapy

30 min | $15.00

Specific wavelengths of LED lights are used. They help stimulate skin cells, promote circulation, boost the collagen production…

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Paraffin Mask

15 min | $15.00

Warm wax that deeply moisturizes the face, cleaning your pores, reducing wrinkles, oxygenating and detoxifying your skin…

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Infused 24K Gold

10 min | $20.00

Delivers intense hydration to the skin. This 24K Gold Mask targets fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, roughness, age spots and gives…

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